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A Biography of David B. Cate - Webmaster

David B. Cate is originally from central New Hampshire. After finishing high school, David attended Nathaniel Hawthorne College to commence his aeronautics major and professional flight training.

After taking a year break and taking part of a Walt Disney World College Program in FALL 1985, David transferred to Florida Institute of Technology School of Aeronautics, located in Melbourne, Florida. He worked various near full-time jobs while taking a full course load plus flying most every day, including working as a Behavioral Modification Specialist with young adults, a Community Transitional Tech for the mentally and physically handicapped, Professional Photographic Equipment Salesman, and selling office supplies.

Civil Air Patrol SealDavid was also a 1st Lt in the South Brevard Composite Squadron of Civil Air Patrol and participated in Cadet and Senior ground / air search & rescue operations both in NH and Florida Wings. CAP now helps out the Department of Homeland Security doing reconaissance, similar to CAP's inception in 1941, during WWII. CAP is highly professional and recommended for all ages 13-99 that loves their country!

In 1991, David graduated from FIT with a Bachelor's Degree in Aeronautics, accompanied with a Commercial Pilot's License with Multi-Engine and Instrument ratings hoping to obtain more flying hours as a Certified Flight Instructor, eventually leading to a career as a corporate pilot.

During the Gulf War, the Major airlines were subsidized by the Government, but David learned very quickly the rollercoaster economics of Regional airlines and General Aviation and worked for a few companies that went out of business.

Career Changes and Life-Altering Event

Air to Air Aviation Photography by David Cate Copyright 1996Having student loans to pay back, David relied on his much beloved hobby, photography, and continued to work as a professional for seven years. David thrived on his experience as an aircraft photographer based out of the Rockledge Airpark and Merritt Island Airport, primarily doing air-to-air shots of experimental aircraft over Merritt Island, Florida for 2 years. His photos appeared in aviation trade publications such as, Kit Plane, USAviator, a Turkish aero magazine, and to this day, some of those photos are still published on Aero Adventure's website.

David is also experienced in baby and animal portraiture, scenic, product, and digital photography. Currently, he does photography of his 6 year old daughter and for personal use. He also helps e-commerce clients with setting up home photo studios for products.

Translife Florida Hospial - Kidney Transplant RecipientSurviving kidney dialysis for a year and a kidney transplant in February, 1999, David had the whole World open to him and could decide to go back into Aviation with a ground-based job or he could endeavor into something completely different. At this time he was introduced into an awesome business opportunity by some friends that dealt with e-commerce with a "High-Tech High Touch" philosophy that was and still is shaping the way business is conducted on the web across the globe.

It only made sense to get involved with the Internet in the Information Age we livein!

The Web Designer

New Horizons Web Designer TrackDavid started learning basic HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) in 1999 on his own and was employed for 2.5 years by an Orlando classifieds newspaper where his web design skills were implemented. He attended a few classes at Seminole Community College then enrolled into New Horizons Orlando in the Fall of 2000 taking the Site Designer Track and completed courses for his Certified Internet Webmaster and INET+ exams.

Orlando WEB Development Logo:  Attitude Indicator, Pyramid, focusOrlando WEB Development was established in July 2001. David is currently proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, and other Design Tools such as Fireworks. He uses state of the art e-commerce design software to make shopping cart technology for small stores affordable and makes use of Cascading Style Sheets (example) and Dreamweaver to simplify website changes. Most of his original works are now hand-coded to meet modern design standards. At the end of 2008, Orlando WEB Development tested various Content Management Systems (CMS) and will be offering clients the choice of WordPress, ocPortal, Joomla, MODx, or SilverStripe, depending upon website design, user permissions, functionality, and security needs.

David CateThroughout the past few years, David has gained much insight how Search Engines & Directories work and can take most any small business and rank them high in the major search engines with Orlando WEB Development's "Side-door, KeyPhrase Marketing System." Orlando Web Development relies solely on SEO, search engine traffic and word of mouth advertising for its own livlihood. If you are reading this web page, most likely you found us through Google, using one of our targeted key word phrases.

Having smart, innovative and talented people at one's disposal is key to Orlando Web Development's (OWD) success in this diverse and sometimes overwhelming field within cyberspace. David has gained the trust and friendship of many local programmers, web design firms, and specialists abroad in the United Kingdom that aid in the development of website projects, if needed. Get A Price Quote!

David Cate 2009David currently works mainly as a project manager also doing design and layout while keeping direct contact with ALL of his customers, as best he can. He's also a proud single father of a 5 year old daughter, tutors in basic product photography, .teaches web design and seo methodologies, and is asked to judge student web design competitions here in Central Florida, on occasion.

One huge advantage that Orlando WEB Development has over other web design companies is that the customer will always be speaking with an experienced designer vs. a high-pressure sales person, keeping the line of communication pure. This basic philosophy produces satisfied customers getting exactly what they desire, and usually ... a lot more and are very satisfied!

What's Next?

OWD expanded into Brevard County and is currently designing Melbourne targeted websites. I will be offering content writing and website usability reviews by Ghostwriters and Usability experts with Master's Degrees in their fields.

Digital signage is becoming more and more popular, so I am investigating possibilities working with a hardware supplier, offering content management and design services. The web is becoming more applications-based so I prefer a SaaS solution.

If you have any local business ideas or solutions you would like to see us focus on and provide information on this website, please Contact David so we can implement them in the new OWD Website later in 2013.

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David Cate - Webmaster

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